Nas Laine was born in East Africa, where his mother’s profession as a dress-maker  gave him a great insight into the textile and fashion world at a young age. Growing up, he witnessed the happiness his mother brought to satisfied clients, through fitting, designing & altering.


At the age of twelve, he moved to London, England to finish school and play soccer.


After graduating from Carshalton college in Information Technology, he traveled to some of the fashion capital cities of the world,  Paris, Milan & London.


Shortly after, he moved to Madison, Wisconsin and started working at Bachrach, A Men’s clothing store. This Started his long affiliation in the clothing industry.


He excelled in his sales goals and set records for his store and company for the next decade to come. Above all he understood the key importance of customer service and developed great relationships with clients and the community he was part off.


After many years in retail,  he embarked on the next journey and opened up NL SUITS, a true custom clothier.  Nas’s suits are made to measure, in your choice of fabrics, with the style options you select.